Let’s Make No Secret About The Secret

Let’s Make No Secret About The Secret “When you change the way you are feeling about a situation, you are giving a different feeling, you’re on a different feeling frequency, and the situation must change to mirror your new frequency.” from The Power Any of you...
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You are Psychic…

Thinking man
You are Psychic…   Claims and Counter-Claims – Beliefs and Aspirations … Use the word ‘psychic’ and emotional buttons are pushed, sometimes sceptical hackles are raised and mystics go on the defensive. Perhaps its worth asking why? As explored in some of my other writings,...
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Madame Fandango’s Vertigo Vaudeville

Madame Fandango’s Vertigo Vaudeville On Drive Time, Penwith Radio today 4pm – 6pm 96.5 – 97.2FM (www.penwithradio.co.uk) and on iOS/Android App I will be welcoming into the studio GurdyBird and possibly over members of Madame Fandango’s Vertigo Theatre and hearing some of the musical highlights...
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Mary Poppins – De-Disneyfied?

Mary Poppins – De-Disneyfied?   Went to see Mary Poppins at the Theatre Royal in Plymouth last night… The softie and romantic in me enjoyed the original Andrews-VanDyke Disney movie but after seeing Saving Mr Banks felt justified in acknowledging the enjoyable ‘fluffy-ness’ of the...
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Cold Reading : Hype and Hyperbole

Cold Reading : Hype and Hyperbole   I was reading a comment on Facebook posted by a friend who works as a medium. In essence her comment was along the lines of … “Was reading an article earlier about how *cold readers* work (us mediums...
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Rational Mystic

Rational Mystic One of the great shames of losing a lot of my previous postings was the time I had taken to explore how my, at first glance, disparate interests and activities actually fit together for me in a meaningful framework. For example some might...
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Starting Over

Starting Over Ok so you know that moment when you make a change to something connected to the on-line wonder web and the question ‘are you sure?’ looms and the screen and part of say’s ‘stop’ but the impulse is to act as if ‘of...
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The Shaman II

The Shaman II   In the previous post (Shaman I) we explored the word ‘Shaman’ and some of the very specific connotations of the word. We also made the point, possibly in a round-a-bout way that shamanic practices exist within a cultural framework and in...
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The Shaman I

The Shaman I     It has been interesting to note that in the last few years the term “Shaman” has become increasingly used to describe a whole host of New Age and Complementary Approaches. This only becomes an issue when we try to create...
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Healing Beyond Marketing

Healing Beyond Marketing Ok, so I admit that this is a strange title for an article on healing. Let’s face it there are dozens, several dozens of healing modalities and even more courses promising to teach a specific approach, technique or tool. It can, at...
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